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Join BAAM to learn cultivation techniques, from beginning to advanced to highly experimental. Tap the knowledge and experience of your fellow members. Borrow some books from the BAAM Library– we’re all about collaboration and knowledge-sharing.



New to the Bay Area and/or just getting into foraging? Books and podcasts can only get you so far– make friends with other BAAM members, and learn what’s coming up where and when.

Also, bear-encounters and getting lost and ankle sprains are better with friends!



When you’re out in the field, it’s always better to have more pairs of eyes on whatever you’re finding, and more friends to argue taxonomy with. Spreading the expertise around means fewer books to carry, too!

Foray and identification trips are a regular happening with BAAM, and membership opens up access to BAAM’s Library and collective knowledge.


Join BAAM to open up a world of learning and experience.