Join Our Team

Looking for a way to help, but not sure where to start? Have some ideas, but need some support bringing them to life? We’re here for both!

Our members are working to make a difference, and better understand the world. Join us, and let’s tackle problems together.


The Benefits of Membership

Membership in BAAM comes with many perks:

  • Centuries of collective knowledge and experience to draw upon. Members' skills run the gamut– we have fieldwork veterans and labwork allstars and super experimental cultivators.
  • Access to a pool of motivated folks who are likely down to help with your project idea.
  • A members-only library and a community of information-sharing mycophiles. If the library doesn’t have a particular book, someone else likely does. Make some friends in the group, and you’ll never be low on things to read.
  • Opportunities to learn and help others learn. BAAM’s outreach efforts give plenty of opportunity to pay education forward. Share your expertise with all the new people you’ll meet at events.
  • Probably some novel mushroom cuisine that few others get to experience. During foraging season, BAAM general meetings and potlucks can be awash with hard-to-find/commercially unavailable delicacies.
  • Invitations to contribute to academic-grade research. BAAM is thrilled with its academic partnerships, and the guidance that faculty and experts have been able to provide on certain projects.
  • Opportunities to seriously make a difference in the world. There is so much problem-solving potential in the fungal world. Combine that with an organized, enthusiastic community, and great things will come out of it.

The fungal world could use more people like you!